At Wednesday, May 22, a successful Annual General Meeting was held at Neola Medical’s premises, where attending shareholders expressed great satisfaction with the event and the structured meeting. The attendance amongst shareholders was high, and votes represented more than 62% of the company’s shares.

CEO Hanna Sjöström’s speech received particularly high praise for its clarity and inspirational content, significantly bolstering confidence in the company’s future prospects. During the speech, CEO Hanna Sjöström presented the company’s robust results from the previous year and the significant milestones achieved, demonstrating the company’s operational efficiency and ability to deliver on its strategic goals. Chairman Märta Lewander Xu, Urban Ottosson, Tommy Hedberg and Mattias Lundin were re-elected as members of the board. Monica Alfaro Welling was elected to the board of directors as the company’s first American board member, signaling the importance of U.S. experience as the company is progressing towards a market launch in the U.S.

The formal meeting was followed by a mingling session, featuring refreshments and informative discussions in a relaxed and positive atmosphere that helped strengthen the relationships between shareholders and management. Development Engineer Jasila Prabahar also conducted a product demonstration of Neola®, the company’s medical device for continuous lung monitoring. Jasila, who was on site for the Human Factors Validation Study in Boston, USA, last month showcased the product. This presentation sparked significant enthusiasm and curiosity among shareholders about Neola®’s groundbreaking technological capabilities and its potential to revolutionize clinical practice and enhance patient outcomes.

In summary, the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Neola Medical was a highly appreciated and successful event, leaving shareholders both satisfied and optimistic about the company’s future. The presentation of both historical achievements and future strategies has further consolidated confidence in the company’s leadership and its ability to steer the company forward in the dynamic and competitive medical technology sector.

Here you can catch a glimpse of the event: Video Annual General Meeting 2024