Verkställande direktör Hanna Sjöström presenterade idag den 11 november delårsrapporten januari – september 2020 för Neola Medical. Presentationen av Hanna Sjöström kan följas på denna video (svenska): Presentation delårsrapport av vd Hanna Sjöström

Presentationen i pdf format finner du här: Presentation delårsrapport jan-sept 2020

Q&A in English

CEO Hanna Sjöström presented Neola Medical’s report in English open for International investors and stakeholders at a telephone conference at 10 am (Swedish time). Please find following questions asked during this session and answers from CEO below.

Q&A – Presentation of Q3 report 2020 – Neola Medical (publ)

Q: Hanna, as a CEO of this Medtech company, what do you see as the greatest challenge going forward into 2021?

A: We are eager to continue with the product development in order to take next steps in finalizing the product. We have a detailed plan and have already started with actions accordingly. Neola Medical will also recruit some important positions in this process, we will have more employees end of next year.


Q: How has the reception of the company been before the listing from analysts and business magazines?

A: The reception has been good, in fact very good. The major Swedish business magazine “Affärsvärlden” always make a pre-listing analyse in their magazine and give the listing 0-5 red flags depending on market potential, owner structure, technology height, etc. We received zero (0) flags which indicates that we are in a good place to proceed the path towards CE- and FDA approval.


Q: When do you expect the product to be fully commercialized and presented to the market?

A: Our process going forward have some crucial steps, f.i. the clinical process and the quality documentation of the product. I do however hope we can have the product ready for the market in 2023 in first version.


Q: How well are you running according to the original plan in terms of product development and critical processes?

A: I would say we are on plan so far, neither before, nor after.


Q: Hanna, how dependent are you in finding an Industrial partner for the commercialization process? Can you reach the commercialization level on stand-alone basis?

A: We are working parallel on being ready for the market on our own with strong ownership for the PD and other critical processes. We do however seek for a long-term Industrial partner to support us through this path, favourably on the markets we are aiming for, US, UK, France, Germany and the Nordics. It would be an advantage to find that kind of partner with experience and knowledge in both logistics and sales/market challenges.